Steering Committee

Members of the Self-Study Steering Committee (SSSC)

1)      Dr. Celeste E. Freytes González, Coordinator, College of Education

2)      Dr. Aracelis Rodríguez Delgado, College of Humanities

3)      Dr. María García Padilla, College of Education

4)      Dr. Juan C. Alicea Rivera, Acting Associate Dean, College of Business Administration

5)      Dr. Don E. Walicek Lindley, College of General Studies

6)      Mr. Juan C. Silén, Student Representative, General Student Council 

In addition, two special advisers were designated to work with the SSSC. They have a wealth of expertise in higher education and have worked with different projects at the campus and system levels.  They actively participate in the self-study steering committee meetings. They are:

Dr. Pedro Subirats, Professor, College of Education

Mr. Luis M. Villaronga, Distinguished Professor, School of Law