Working Groups

Five working groups are directly involved in creating the self-study report:

Planning, Resources, and Budget

1)      Planner Annette De León Lozada, Coordinator, Office of Strategic Planning and Budgeting

2)      Dr. Carmen M. Concepción Rodríguez, Acting Director, Graduate School of Planning

3)      Dr. Noel Motta Cruz, Academic Affairs Coordinator and Academic Advisor, Chemistry Department, College of Natural Sciences

4)      Ms. Zulyn Rodríguez Reyes, Office of Strategic Planning and Budgeting

5)      Ms. Rosa Marta Alers Ramos, Office of Strategic Planning and Budgeting

6)      Dr. Waldemiro Vélez Cardona, College of General Studies

7)      Ms. Gabriela Medina Marrero, Student Representative, General Student Council

8)      Mr. Carlos M. Cruz Torres, Acting Director, Office of Finance

Administrative Structure

1)      Dr. Juanita Rodríguez Marrero, Coordinator, College of Business Administration

2)      Dr. Richard Blanco-Peck, Graduate School of Public Administration

3)      Dr. Nivia Fernández, College of Natural Sciences

4)      Mr. Walter Alomar Jiménez, Esq.,  School of Law

5)      Dr. Luz Miriam Tirado Torres, English Department, College of General Studies

6)      Dr. Jimmy Torres Rodríguez, Acting Director, School of Communication

7)      Ms. Gabriela Saker, Student Representative, General Student Council

Academic Programs

1)      Mr. Javier Isado Vigil, Coordinator, Architect, School of Architecture

2)      Dr. Noemí Cintrón Carrasquillo, College of Natural Sciences

3)      Dr. Eunice Pérez Medina, Center for Academic Excellence

4)      Prof. Marisol Gutiérrez, Library System

5)      Dr. Ketty Rodríguez Casillas, Library System

6)      Dr. María del Carmen Baerga, History Department, College of Humanities

7)      Ms. Erika Morales, Student Representative, General Student Council

Assessment of Student Learning

1)      Dr. Julio Rodríguez Torres, Coordinator,  College of Education

2)      Prof. Nadia Cordero Antuñano, Associate Dean, College of Natural Sciences

3)      Dr. Wanda Velázquez Rosado, College of Business Administration

4)      Dr. Vanessa Irizarry Muñoz, College of General Studies

5)      Dr. María Ojeda O’Neill, College of Education

6)      Dr. Carmen Haydeé Rivera Vega, Associated Dean, Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research

7)      Ms. Chamary Fuentes, Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research

8)      Ms. Karla Sanabria Véaz, Student Representative, General Student Council

Student Support

1)      Dr. Mirerza González Vélez, Coordinator, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs and Orientation, College of Humanities

2)      Dr. José Rodríguez Vicenti, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research

3)      Dr. Mayra Chárriez Cordero-Acting Dean, Office of the Dean of Students

4)      Dr. Ángel Villafañe Santiago, Associate Dean, Office of the Dean of Students

5)      Dr. Sunny Cabrera Salcedo, Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies, College of Humanities

6)      Dr. Marissa Medina Piña, Counseling Department for Student Development

7)      Mrs. Cruz B. Valentín Arbelo, Director, Admissions Office

8)      Mrs. María de los Ángeles Castro Mercado, Admissions Office

9)      Mr. Marcos Verdejo Calderón, Student Representative, General Student Council